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Hello. My name is Wade Brainerd and I’m a 5/19/1978 year old computer programmer living in South Portland, Maine.

I’m married to Jennie Hahn and am father to two boys, Simon (4/17/2009) and Teddy (9/9/2012). Jennie is the founder of Open Waters, a performing arts company focused on civic dialogue. My mother is a medical technologist and my father is chair of the Maine Association for Charter Schools, and has been a principal, teacher, school bus driver, grocer, captain, and many other things. I have one brother, Alec, who is the owner of Artisan Boatworks, maker of fine wooden boats.

My employer is Activision, the world’s largest independent publisher and developer of video games. I’ve been working in the game industry since 1996, and for Activision since 1998.

I was born in Blue Hill, Maine and grew up in Orono, home to the University of Maine. After graduating high school, I moved to California to join the game industry, and moved back to my home state in 2009.

Random trivia about me (and one lie):

  • As a teenager, I spent 28 days in the wilderness of Maine, including 2 days alone on an island.
  • I’ve traveled to Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Ireland, England, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada, Mexico, but never to the southern hemisphere.
  • Having children Simon and Theodore, I purchased a fish and named him Alvin.
  • I’ve never really enjoyed math.
  • My parents named me for a lumberjack, Wade Thurston, an uncle of my grandmother on my mother’s side. He was a cook and I have his rolling pin from the logging camps.